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Mathey Dearman D250SS - New Surplus
Mathey Dearman D250SS - New Surplus
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Mathey Dearman D250SS - New Surplus

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Mathey Dearman D250SS 1" - 8" Stainless Steel Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp (1 each)

This Mathey Dearman Double Jackscrew Chain Clamp reforms Schedule 40 pipe on either side of the joint to be welded. The jackscrews of the jackbar exert pressure on the high points of both sides of the weld joint to eliminate “Hi-Lo”. Pipe wall thickness up to Schedule 80 can be aligned with the clamp.

 The level and support device of the chain clamp allows the pipe, elbow, tee, flange and other fittings to be held safely and securely in place during the alignment and welding process.

 For stainless steel or specialty alloy applications replace the chain of the standard chain clamp with stainless steel chain.

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