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For over 125 years, Lincoln Electric has provided electrical solutions and more to contractors and professionals across multiple industries. Known for their arc welding products, Lincoln Electric also manufactures tools for automated joining, assembly, cutting systems, as well as plasma and oxy-fuel cutting equipment. Shop for welding and cutting equipment, welding guns, torches and more from GES. GES carries Lincoln Electric brand tools and equipment in reconditioned, used, and like new condition, at more than 50% off manufacturer prices. Select GES for your next Lincoln Electric purchase.


Lincoln Electric LN-25X Wire Feeder - Reconditioned w/ 1 Year Operational Warranty


Ready to Ship in 5 to 7 Business Days or Less

Lincoln Electric ED026804 Outershield 71M (0.35") Gas Shielded Cored Wire, 10lbs Spool - New Surplus


50 Plus Available Ready to Ship Next Business Day

Lincoln Electric MG606045667 Techalloy 606 MIG Wire (0.35") 33lb Spool - New Surplus


Lincoln K2535-2 Precision TIG 225 TIG Welder Ready-Pak w/Cart Reconditioned w/1 Year Operational Warranty


Lincoln Electric K1525-1 Invertec STT II Advanced Process Welder - New Surplus


Lincoln KP2742-1-62R .625 250a/350a Magnum Pro Nozzle - New Surplus


Lincoln Invertec v350 Pro Reconditioned w/ 1 Year Operational Warranty


Lincoln K1668-2 Exhaust or Extension Hose Set - 16 ft - New Surplus


Lincoln K1668-1 Hose and Hood Set 16' - New Surplus


Lincoln K639-1 SHM-300 Suction Nozzle - 300 mm (12 in)- New Surplus


Lincoln K639-6 UNM Suction Nozzle for Heavy Smoke -New Surplus


Lincoln Invertec V350 PRO K2667-2 6Pk - Reconditioned w/ 1 Year Operational Warranty


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2 Ready to Ship in 2 to 4 Business Days or Less 3 or More Ready to Ship in 7 to 10 Business Days or Less

Rent or buy equipment from Lincoln Electric at GES. See our lesser price for the Lincoln Electric LN-25X. GES carries Lincoln Electric tools and equipment for all industries, from personal use to industrial projects. Lincoln Electric is a preferred brand for welding, cutting, and torch applications. Buy multiprocess, TIG, MIG, and stick welders today from Lincoln Electric at GES. Browse our selection of reconditioned, used, and like new items from Lincoln Electric. All reconditioned tools and equipment from GES come with a 1-year operational warranty. Buy Lincoln Electric at GES today!