Cable termination - it's not the end: it's the beginning! Find the tools you need to connect your wire cables to fiber, extensions, or devices like equipment, panels, or wall outlets. Today's electricians require the best tools for whatever industry they are connected to. Fiber optics, general electric, automotive, and more: cut, strip, connect, and crimp your wire for any application with tools from GES.

GES carries your preferred brands for wire and cable projects, including Greenlee and Burndy. See our Burndy crimp and die kits, or the comparable Greenlee 12-Ton crimp and die kit. GES offers mechanical and powered tools to help you get the best results on your job site. 

Cable Termination

Burndy UDIEKITCU Crimping Tool Die Kit for Copper Connectors #6 AWG-750 kcmil - Reconditioned


Greenlee KD12CU 12-Ton Crimping Die Kit (#6 - 750) Copper Connectors - Reconditioned


Greenlee HK06AT Hydraulic Quad-Point Crimping Tool - Reconditioned


Greenlee KD12AL 12-Ton Crimping Die Kit (#6 -750) Aluminum Connectors - Reconditioned