Greenlee: and American industrial and electrical tool company. Since its founding in 1862, the Rockford, Illinois based company has become a leading brand in heavy-duty to daily use tools and equipment across the states. Greenlee has a variety of products available, including hand tools, hole making appliances, bending equipment and machines, wire and cable termination tools, industrial storage solutions, as well as utility equipment: impact wrenches, cutting, and crimping tools.

See GES’s variety of Greenlee tools. From benders and cable pulleys to sheaves and pipe jacks, our Greenlee tools will help you get the job done.


Greenlee 683 Screw-Type Adjustable Reel Stand 22"-54"- Reconditioned


Greenlee 909, 6 Spool Spindle Wire Dispenser Caddy Wire Cart- Reconditioned


Greenlee 8012 Cable Puller Sheave Assembly, Hook- 12", 8000lbs Capacity- Reconditioned


Greenlee 653 Cable Puller Sheave Assembly, Hook- 24", 4000lbs Capacity- Reconditioned


Greenlee 668 Style Mobile Conduit and Pipe Rack Cart- Reconditioned


Greenlee 441-4 4" Feeding Sheave - Reconditioned


Greenlee 911 Large Capacity Wire Reel Cart (6-Spool) - Reconditioned


Greenlee 488-3 Nylon Cable Protector 3" to 6" (10PK)- New


Greenlee 555E Bender with EMT Shoes- Reconditioned


Greenlee 7060-CFO Compact Field Office - Reconditioned


Greenlee KD12AL 12-Ton Crimping Die Kit for #6 -750 Aluminum Connectors- Reconditioned


Greenlee 441-5 5" Feeding Sheave - Reconditioned