KNAACK is the name behind secure and durable storage. Invest in a KNAACK box for on-site storage, as a mobile work station, or a dual use work surface. KNAACK is available at GES in a variety of styles to suit your unique storage needs, with options to customize for specific use. KNAACK’s patented locking system stays tucked away in the doors without your key, and with intentionally designed narrow gaps, the KNAACK Box is made to keep bad weather and intruders out. Protect your gear with KNAACK Boxes from GES.


Knaack 119-01 Jobsite Station Print Shack Gang Box- Reconditioned


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Knaack 89 StorageMaster Piano Style Storage, 60" x 30" x 49" Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 30 Tool Box - Used


Knaack 4824 Jobmaster Storage Chest (48" x 24" x 23") Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 119-01 Jobsite Station Print Shack (w/ Casters) Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 100 Rolling Bi-fold Clam Shell Storage Cabinet with Casters, 60” x 30” x 65”...


Knaack 139 Jobmaster Steel Cabinet (59.4 Cu. Ft.) - Reconditioned


Knaack 109 JobMaster Storage Cabinet, 60 x 24 x 60 Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 69 StorageMaster Piano Style Storage, 60 x 30 x 34 Gang Box- Remanufactured


Knaack 62 War Wagon Rolling Work Bench JobBox, 62" X 32" X 26" Gang Box-...


Knaack 111 JobMaster Cabinet (60 x 24 x 60) Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 118-01 Data Vault Mobile Digital Plan Station, Red - Reconditioned



KNAACK Boxes are one of our most sought-after items at GES. We offer discounts, repair, and personalization services for your KNAACK Box purchase through GES— just ask our sales specialists for more details. Choose from many styles, such as the multifunctional KNAACK 119-01 Jobsite Station, or the classic KNAACK 111 Jobmaster Cabinet. The KNAACK 100 Rolling Clamshell Cabinet is large enough to store your tools on the jobsite, while keeping them safe and secure when you’re not there. Put casters on your KNAACK 63 War Wagon to keep your storage conveniently mobile. Or, use a crane to haul away your KNAACK 79H Storagemaster. KNAACK Boxes durable exterior and theft-proof design makes them number one on the job site. Ideal for construction storage and construction safety. Use as tool boxes or worksite safes. Buy reconditioned KNAACK Boxes and other KNAACk products at GES. All reconditioned tools and equipment come with a 1-year operational warranty.