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Jacks - Pipe Stands

Use our jacks and pipe stands to ensure that you’re able to hold industrial pipe with precision and strength. These versatile devices are available in a wide variety of styles to meet every pipe working and welding need, as well as from multiple manufacturers that you already know and trust. Choose from Greenlee jacks, B&B Pipe pipe stands, Sumner pipe stands, and much more.

Jacks & Pipe Stands

Greenlee 656 Ratchet-Type Reel Stand 28" to 46-5/8" Heavy Duty- Remanufactureded


B&B 4305 Adjustable Four Leg Pipe Roller with Rubber Wheels- Remanufactured


Greenlee 668 Style Mobile Conduit and Pipe Rack Cart- Remanufactureded


Greenlee 683 Screw-Type Adjustable Reel Stand 22"-54"- Remanufactured


B&B 3510 5 Leg Giant Pipe Jack Stand with Steel Wheels - Remanufactured


B&B 4300 Adjustable Four Leg Pipe Roller with Steel Wheels- Remanufactured


B&B 4315 Adjustable Four Leg Pipe Roller with Stainless Steel Wheels- Remanufactured


B&B 4100 Standard Fixed l Leg V-Head Pipe Jack Stand 27"-48"- Remanufactured


Sumner 780385 Heavy Duty V Head Pipe Stand 2500 lbs Steel Vee Head- Remanufactured


Sumner-781403 Max Jax Kit Roller V-Head Pipe Stand


Sumner 780365 ST-601 Adjust-A-Roll Pipe Stand with Steel Wheels- Remanufactured


Greenlee 687 Adjustable Screw-Type Reel Jack Stand 13"-28"- Remanufactureded


At General Equipment & Supply, we understand that your work often varies and you might need to accommodate multiple jobs with pipe or materials of all different styles. For that very reason, we carry many different pipe jacks and welding stands. If you’re in the market for something economical and budget friendly, be sure to take a look at our V Head Pipe Jack Stands with fixed legs and as much as 2,500 lbs. of capacity. We also carry adjustable reel pipe stands with an extra-wide, welded steel base and roller bearings that help the spindle run smoothly. Additionally, you can even consider the Master Jack V-Head pipe stand with five legs and wheels that can fit pipes as large as 36-inches in diameter and offers a maximum weight capacity of up to 2,500 lbs.

Once you’re ready to add a new or reconditioned pipe jack or pipe stand to your operation, look no further than the lineup at General Equipment & Supply. Even if you’re not quite ready to purchase, we can help you with our pipe stand rental offerings. Order today or contact us here if you need assistance finding the perfect pipe stand or jack for your business.