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Buy Lincoln Electric MG606045667 Techalloy 606 MIG Wire, 33lb Spool from General Equipment and Supply.  GES Carries over 5,000 reconditioned construction tools and equipment in stock and ready to ship. Ships from 3 locations. Order Lincoln Electric MG606045667 Techalloy 606 MIG Wire, 33lb Spool today.
  • SKU: Lincoln Electric MG606045667

Lincoln Electric MG606045667 Techalloy 606 MIG Wire (0.35") 33lb Spool - New Surplus

$560.00 $775.00
  • Used for TIG, MIG and SAW welding of base materials such as ASTM B163, B166, B167 and B168 - alloys which have UNS Number N06607
  • Suitable for applications ranging from cryogenic to high temperatures making this alloy one of the most used in the nickel family
  • Used for dissimilar welding applications between various nickel alloys and stainless or carbon steels, as well as for overlay


  • Diameter: .035 (0.9mm)
  • Shielding Gas: 75% Ar, 25% He
  • Polarity: DC+
  • Voltage (volts): 26-29
  • Approx Current (amps): 150-190

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