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Welding Automation 4-Ton Pipe Roll Stand HD2L-150- Reconditioned
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Welding Automation 4-Ton Pipe Roll Stand HD2L-150- Reconditioned

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Welding Autonation 4-Ton Pipe Roll Stand HD2L-150-Reconditioned

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Vessel turning rolls by Pipe Stand are cost-effective and user-friendly equipment used for pipe welding applications ranging from light tubes to extra-heavy walled pipe. Regardless of the pipe rolling application, Pipe Stand designs and builds equipment that will allow you to work safely and efficiently.

Height Adjustable Vessel Rotators HD2L-100/150 are built for reliability and endurance for the longest possible service life. They provide precise rotation for pipe fabrication that requires minimal floor space. Further advantages of using our welding pipe rolls are faster overall production, cleaner and smoother welds, and reduction of skilled labor needed for operations. Using HD2L-100/150 is significantly more convenient and comfortable for welders working at a shop bench leading to improved production.

Pipe Stand’s pipe roll stands are applicable for pipes with a diameter ranging from 50.8 mm – 914.4 mm / 2″ to 36″ and weight up to 4 tons. The weight of the pipe is placed and distributed equally on a driver and idle. Pipes and other cylindrical workpieces can be lowered and lifted in a height range between 711.2 mm – 1,016.0 mm / 28″ – 40″. Our machines help to capture remarkable quality circumference joints on shells and require less usage of lifting or cranes. Our equipment is built for the longevity of service and reliability. Pipe Standalso offers a lot of options and features that can be added to the equipment depending on the customer’s demands.


Load Capacity (Driver & Idler Set) Driver: 4,000 lbs (2-ton), Idler: 4,000 lbs (2-ton)
Diameter Range 2" - 36"
Footprint 30" x 31" x 40"
Height Range 28" - 40" fine adjust
Tractive Effort Single Drive, 650 lbs
Output Torque 2,000 in-lbs
Power Requirements 110 V, 1-ph
Rotation Speed 8–80 in/min
Equipment Mass Driver: 240 lbs; Idler: 150 lbs
Available Accessories Hand Pendants: bidirectional with digital readout (Cabled); wireless style available (>110V models only)

Foot switch not included on this clearance item.

Work Holding: Grippers, chucks, or specialized fixtures
Casters: motorized or non-motorized rail casters




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