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CST/Berger CST302R Reflectorless 15 x 17 x 11-Used

CST/Berger CST302R Reflectorless 15 x 17 x 11-Used

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CST/Berger CST302R Reflectorless 15 x 17 x 11-Used

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Product Description

The 56 CST/Berger CST302R (2-Second) Reflectorless Total Station makes measuring survey and construction sites, reconstructing crime and accident scenes, and surveying archaeological excavations easier than ever. The advanced technology of reflectorless total stations allows you to get more work done in less time by eliminating the need for a target prism at the end point to be measured.

Reflectorless Technology

With a working range of up to 656 feet in reflectorless mode, this total station eliminates the need for a prism or reflective tape. Not only does that mean you need only one person in order to get precise measurements, but it also enables you to measure to locations that were previously dangerous or time-consuming to reach. No need to worry about clambering up scaffolding, checking power line clearance, or checking the position of forms prior to a pour: the 56 CST/Berger 302R gives you accurate measurements down to the millimeter.

Pinpoint Laser Beam Accuracy

The small diameter of the laser beam ensures that the laser focuses exactly on the point you want to measure - and not the surrounding area. Broader beams can skew your data by measuring the area you want to pinpoint, as well as a portion of the surrounding area. The narrow beam of the CST/Berger Reflectorless Total Station, however, can be easily aimed through wire fences, around tree branches and telephone poles, or target roof corners with bulls'-eye accuracy.

Excellent Memory Management

With the CST/Berger Reflectorless Total Station, managing your information is easy. The internal memory allows you to store up to 15,000 points, and the external memory cards slot and included SD card enable you to store or transfer a nearly unlimited amount of information to a laptop, PC, or other total station.You can also send information to another member of your team using a mobile phone, giving you flexibility in how you use the data you gather.

Laser Pointer Function

The 2- second Reflectorless Total Station's visible laser beam can be used as a convenient laser pointer function with the press of a key, enabling setting out, interior leveling works, vertical alignment, and much more. The 30X magnification and 3 inch resolving power of the telescope, you can be assured that not only will targets look clear and sharp through the viewfinder, but that you'll have the precision you need to do the job well.


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