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40' High Cube Shipping Containers Weather Tight- Reconditioned
  • SKU: GE&S Conex40HC

40' High Cube Shipping Containers Weather Tight- Reconditioned


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40' High Cube Shipping Containers Weather Tight- Reconditioned

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Store more large items like furniture, appliances, machinery or SUVs with this 40ft high cube shipping container. With an extra 1ft of ceiling space, you’ll be able to store or transport valuables that might not fit in a standard shipping container. Investing in our new weatherproof “one trip” 40ft HC shipping container can boost your productivity and save you money in the long run. 

  • Wind & Weather-Tight: This means the box is square, the doors open and close properly, the floors are solid, and it doesn't leak.
  • Cargo-Worthy: The box is wind and weather-tight and inspected to make sure that it can be loaded and safely moved one way with cargo.


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