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Ellis Bridge Jack BJ-12 Reconditioned w/1 Year Operational Warranty
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Ellis Bridge Jack BJ-12 Reconditioned w/1 Year Operational Warranty

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Ellis Bridge Jack BJ-12 Reconditioned w/1 Year Operational Warranty


19" - 32"

80,000 Lbs.

The Ellis Bridge Jack / Modular Building Jack can support up to 80,000 pounds. It is the most rugged and durable jack Ellis offers. 


With top and bottom plates measuring 1/2" x 9" x 9" (BJ-3 BJ-6, BJ-12) for support, the Acme Screw is 2 and a 1/2" in diameter and greased for easy turning and capable of extending a full 3" (BJ-3), 6" (BJ-6) or 12" (BJ-12). 

For extra leverage, a 1" STEEL ROD can also be used when turning the screw. The Ellis Bridge Jacks while weighing 45 lbs. (BJ-3), 60lbs (BJ-6) and 70lbs (BJ-12) can support loads up to 80,000 lbs. 

The top plate has been attached to swivel freely, allowing the screw to be turned with ease. For added support, gussets on the top and the bottom plate have been added with full length welds.  Also, 4 - 9/16"  holes (spaced 1-1/2" OC from each edge) have been added to the Base and Top Plates to make securing it easy.

We tested the Bridge Jacks to over 200,000 lbs. before failure occurred! 

Although the Bridge Jacks were tested to over 200,000 lbs., we recommend applying a 2.5 to 1 safety factor when gauging the load capacity of these jacks.  Therefore, DO NOT EXCEED 80,000 lbs. with any of the three Bridge Jacks.

Lifting Tests were also performed with the Bridge Jacks.  These tests were used to gauge the amount of weight one person could lift when a 1" Dia.Steel Rod was placed in one of the 4 holes and used as a lever to assist in turning the screw.  With a 1" dia. x 12" long rod one man was able to lift 4,000 lbs.,  with a 1" dia. x 24" rod he lifted 8,000 lbs., and with a 1" dia x 60" rod he lifted 16,000 lbs. 

Please note, lifting results are a direct result of ones own strength and leverage and will vary from person to person.  With this kind of hardware, it's no surprise that the Ellis Bridge Jack / Modular Building Jack can support loads up to 80,000 pounds.

A favorite of contractors, they fit directly under concrete slabs or beams in tight spots, under homes or modular buildings as well as with timbers for shoring projects. Just install the Bridge Jack at its closed height of 10" (BJ-3), 13" (BJ-6) or 19" (BJ-12) and use the 3" (BJ-3),  6" (BJ-6) or 12" (BJ-12) of adjustment to screw it into position. 

Search and Rescue teams also know the value of the Ellis Bridge Jack. With it's ability to fit in tight spaces to stabilize concrete slabs or steel beams, the Ellis Bridge Jack is a versatile tool for downed buildings and reinforcement in small areas. It is strength in a small package, when time is of the essence.

**Do not extend screw past advertised adjustment range.  Do not exceed max safe load capacity.  Consult with engineer before use.

This is a reconditioned product and is in full operational condition. Photo may not represent the actual product which may or may not contain some cosmetic blemishes that do not interfere with functionality. We offer a 1-year operational warranty on all reconditioned equipment. These units have been repainted and the manufacturer's logo may or may not be visible.  GES will attempt to comply with, but will not guarantee, shipping date and or delivery date. Buyer shall have fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery to accept product.