Looking to invest in your next set of pipe stands? GES's large selection of Pipe Jack Stands has been tailored to ensure that you are able to hold, slide, and lift industrial pipe with the precision and strength you need for each job. These versatile devices are available in a multitude of styles, including styles from brands you know and trust: like the Sumner pipe jack stand, RIGID pipe stand, as well as an extensive line of Greenlee and B&B pipe stand products. Choose from our top brands and styles to find the pipe stand you need at the right price, guaranteed at GES.

Jacks & Pipe Stands

Sumner 781403 Max Jax Kit Roller V-Head Pipe Stand - Reconditioned


Sumner 780368 Adjust-A-Roll Steel Rollers ST-604


Sumner 780367 Adjust-A-Roll Poly Rollers ST-603


Sumner 781300 ST-881 Hi Fold-A-Jack with V-Head, 2500 lb Cap - New Surplus


Sumner Big V V-Head Jack Stand, Aluminum Rolling Heads Included


Sumner 780365 ST-601 Adjust-A-Roll Pipe Stand with Steel Wheels- Reconditioned


GES offers various pipe cart racks, such as the Greenlee 668 and Current Tools 505, to make material handling a snap, saving you money and time on equipment transportation. Need a lift? Try the B&B 4100 V-head pipe jack or the Screw-Type adjustable Greenlee 683 Reel Stand. Consider our most popular sellers at GES: jack stands with casters, like the Sumner 781403 or the Midco MM-1851. Great for automotive garages, plumbers, and general construction. All reconditioned Jacks & Pipe Stands at GES come with a 1-year operational warranty. Shop for your next Jack at GES today!