When it comes to your fall protection equipment, there's nothing more personal or essential than your
full body harness. While FallTech® harnesses are built to meet or exceed ANSI standards and OSHA
regulations, we've also designed exclusive and innovative comfort, support and accessibility
into our harnesses with continued freedom of movement and sustained safety and productivity for
workers at height.Text

Falltech's Full Body Harnesses' are designed with safety in mind. Their network of body straps braces the worker for
impact: distributing the force of impact to protect vulnerable zones from injury. Falltech’s body harnesses follow
OSHA regulations to limit the max arresting force according to the latest standard.

Self-proclaimed safety enthusiasts, U.S.-based Falltech is the trusted brand in Personal Fall Arrest Systems.


FallTech 7536 24.5" Vertical Beam Anchor for Fixed Locations - USED


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