Which PVC Threading Tool is Right for You?

Which PVC Threading Tool is Right for You?

It is a question for the modern age: automation or manual? You may think the answer is obvious— “of course automation,” half of the crowd would say; “keep it manual,” says the other. But the fact of the matter is that besides user preference, choosing the type of tool depends on the job at hand, especially when the job requires a PVC threader. With the variety of options of the market for PVC threading: manual, automatic, and portable: a little knowledge will go a long way. An intelligent buyer must consider every option. After all, the real question is not whether automatic or manual is superior; it is about which tool is the right one to get the job done?

Let us consider some key factors behind every job. Project scale undoubtedly influences your budget. We know with a bit of analysis that a more extensive project has a significant number of variables and potential price tags to wrangle. Conversely, small-scale jobs often have restrictive budgets, and therein lies the challenge. Your bottom line may be supporting a skyscraper of invoices and salaries, or perhaps your bottom line is juggling a limited labor force and strict deadlines. In either case, you know that careful planning matters. When it comes to your PVC threader, are you working with a large volume of PVC pipes? Or do you need to thread a smaller number of pipes with varied, custom sizes? If your answer is the former, automation may be more your speed. Automated PVC threaders, like the RIGID 535, can be set up to repeatedly cut PVC pipes of the same diameter with an increased output speed. The RIGID 535 is ideal for larger jobs with repetitive work.

On the other hand, for small orders and jobs with a collection of different sizes to cut, a large, automated machine can be burdensome. With automation from the RIGID 535 comes a lack of portability. While the 535 can more rapidly produce threaded pipes than any handheld tool, this machine needs tuning and programming. What does that mean? Frequent adjustments to the machine require additional downtime; add up those delays, and you can lose a decent chunk of your projected timeline.

Choose the RIGID 30118 12-R Threader Ratchet instead. This manual ratchet does not require a skilled technician like its heavyweight cousin. Manual ratchets are the ideal tool for experienced or learning-on-the-job operators. As well as being budget-friendly in comparison, you can purchase the RIGID 30118 alongside the 12-R Threader Kit: add versatility to your toolbox with a case of adjustable thread-cutting heads. Beyond the kit, the RIGID 30118 is compatible with a line of specialty 12-R threader-head sizes and styles. This ratchet is the take-anywhere tool solution you need for tricky jobs. Are you working on a job site with limited space? The RIGID 30118 is the perfect fit. This tool reminds us that modern machines do not always mean powered automation. Mechanical tools have long since been a staple of construction work, and for a good reason!

Understandably, you may be looking for a happy medium: what tool combines the power of automation with the user-friendly ease of manual? After all, so much of life is about compromise. But you will see no disadvantage in meeting halfway with the RIGID 41935. At a price very much so middle-of-the-way to both the RIGID 30118 and 535, this electric handheld pipe threader affords you the convenience of a power tool. Portable within a reasonable distance of a power source, the RIGID 41935 is compatible with the same 12-R threader heads. Already own the RIGID manual ratchet? Easily upgrade your tool arsenal. The 41935 electric threader decreases time spent with each pipe. It will, however, require some skill and effort, unlike the automated machine. Secure your coated PVC pipe to RIGID’s corresponding 36273 Tri-stand Chain Vise and follow the manual to thread your pipe correctly. With minimal prep and moderate labor, RIGID’s power tool alternative to pipe-threading is an excellent tool for various jobs.

Regardless of your choice to embrace automation or rely on the tried-and-true quality of manual tools, do not let price be your barrier. General Equipment & Supply (GES) is your one-stop source for all your durable reconditioned construction equipment, manufacturing tools, and more. We offer an immense inventory of tools and machinery for the construction industry and beyond, all at a better-than-new price point. Purchase your next reconditioned PVC threader from GES and save up to 50% off from manufacturer prices. All reconditioned items come with an 1-year limited warranty of guaranteed functionality. Worry less about your bottom line so that you can focus more on finding the right tool for the job.

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