Starting Small and Growing Tall

Starting Small and Growing Tall

Author: GE&S President Rob Hall

This June, the General Equipment and Supply (GE&S) team and I hosted the Sulphur Summit: a road trip tour for our existing and new management members to understand the scope of our operations. Six months into 2021 and General Equipment & Supply is making progress in leaps. Today we’re expanding further west, setting down permanent roots on the Gulf Coast and southwest United States. Thinking on what we’ve accomplished, and even more so, what we plan to accomplish together, I know that there is something amazing that needs to be said about joining a small-business team.

Working for a small business is a unique and fulfilling experience, as any start-up or small-town employee could tell you. In a growing business, you can see the impact of your work. Whether you’re crushing those day-to-day objectives or grinding down on that long-term goal, small business employees are the pistons in the engine that keep this machine turning. In much the same way, GE&S employees drive our company culture. GE&S is motivated by our sense of community in how we can create a thriving workspace for our employees and reach out and benefit local neighborhoods. We hire in the same communities we’ve made our home, and we reach out to local contractors and professionals who connect us across the industry through word of mouth. But we’re no longer the contractor’s best-kept secret. We are growing, and the GE&S team is leading the way.

In 2021 we celebrated over 35 years in business since GE&S started as a small 3-man operation. What began as an idea to provide a better-priced and more sustainable source for construction tools and equipment quickly laid a foundation in Simpsonville, South Carolina. We have grown from one local warehouse into multiple locations across the southern United States, including an expansion in Upstate South Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas. We continue to stretch our roots into areas of high demand, making our services and products accessible to our customers no matter where their projects take them. And throughout, we’ve resonated with many unique local cities and townships, similar to the one where we started.

As a company with their roots as a small business, we know that joining the local culture is a responsibility and a privilege. Our business supports the communities where we grow.

Of course, it is easy to appreciate the culture of southern Louisiana with 70lbs of crawfish being served to your table. As part of our Sulphur Summit, the GE&S team enjoyed local cuisine at Steamboat Bill’s in Lake Charles, LA. Gulf Coast managers and all outside salespeople attended.

Enjoying a good meal and appreciating our team effort is all part of GE&S company culture.

GE&S launched its first out-of-state warehouse in Sulphur, Louisiana. The town of Sulphur was established in the 1800s along the southwest edge of the Bayou State. With support from our “base camp” employees in the Carolinas, we continue to hire and train employees from the surrounding Sulphur area to support our business in the region. We understand that joining a long-standing community is a privilege to us newcomers. We also look to recruit outside talents that benefit our company and benefit the local community. This is why I am excited to welcome our newest recruits to the Sulphur Branch to lead our Southwest marketing division.

Meeting with employees from our Southeastern and Gulf Coast branches at the West Calcasieu Events Center for a presentation on Jobsite Solutions.

Taking time to meet face to face, our team develops the skills to grow our operation, and forges stronger working relationships between branches to support that growth.

Because our business provides such a unique service to the professional market, we encourage innovation and drive amongst our recruits. GE&S hires passionate and capable professionals from all walks, valuing industry experience equal to education. We look for a willingness to learn on par with your ability to contribute to the team. Most of all, we prioritize character, actively seeking out American Veterans who understand what it takes to get the job done and support their colleagues.  

This year, GE&S is expanding into multiple locations across Texas and looking to double our workforce. We offer benefits to ensure our employees a quality lifestyle: health and dental insurance, life insurance, paid time off, vision insurance, 401k contributions, tuition reimbursement, and on-site training, with experience-based pay. But beyond our benefits package, we offer our employees a reason to enjoy their careers: community and support. Join us for community events, travel our branches, and take the initiative. Our best new ideas have come from our creative offices and fast-paced job sites. Grow with GE&S into a seasoned professional in our production department, sales crew, administrative office, or e-commerce team. Every team member impacts what we do at GE&S and how we define our growing business.

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