Keeping it Cool with Port-A-Cool

Keeping it Cool with Port-A-Cool


As we approach the summer season once again in the United States, preparation for staying cool is a more pressing priority— especially if you are like us, the General Equipment and Supply (GES) team, located in Upstate South Carolina. Soaring temperatures in June and July, the kind that let you fry an egg on your dashboard, and mother nature’s vindictive humidity make summer in the South East nearly impossible without forced air. Regardless of where you fall on the map, high heat makes a significant difference in our capability and motivation. Individually and as a business, we have noticed weather’s impact on employee output. And we are not alone in this observation.

The Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago released this news article on the subject, noting, “Studies have found that unusually hot weather is linked to lower economic output in countries around the world. Although several factors—from poor crop yields to heat-related illnesses—probably share part of the blame, there is also a more fundamental variable at play: When we get hot, we find it difficult to work”. Professional goals are the first victims of heat-induced procrastination. Of course, this drop in work ethic during the peak of summer can have devastating effects on growing businesses: decreased profits, slack customer service, and a reduced labor force. Think private construction: there is no seasonal siesta for America’s building boom. Large or small, most companies’ financial sustainability relies on year-round production; taking a break isn’t an option. We must invest in equipment to keep cool and operational.

It's in the Name: Port-A-Cool

Since 1990, Port-A-Cool has offered various portable evaporative coolers to provide economical and effective cooling across the board without the limitations of traditional air conditioning. Conventional air conditioning requires an extensive installation of ductwork, wiring, sourcing power from high amperage breaker boxes. For your purpose, if you do not have a physical building or your facility cannot practically accommodate a new air conditioning unit, Port-a-Cool is a sensible alternative. Because their portable coolers are portable, you will also save on initial installation. Plug your Port-A-Cooler into a compatible outlet or Spiderbox extension— ideal for outdoor use for sporting events or worksites. Transform your humid warehouse, patio, or garage into a clean and cool environment, doubling as an air conditioner and dehumidifier. These convenient units use evaporation technology to transform the air’s moisture content through evaporation. Warm air passes through patented cooling pads: only cool air projects into the space. Port-A-Cools are applicable for all industries: agriculture, horticulture, government and military, manufacturing, industrial, business, automotive, sports, home, and hobby.

The Jetstream, and Other Large Models

Like the Jetstream line, larger Port-A-Cools are the preferred option for warehouses and manufacturing plants. Unlike other portable coolers, often appropriately named Swamp Coolers, the Port-A-Cool works solely through evaporation, making it cleaner and much more cost-effective to run in some of the largest, enclosed areas. In warehouses, Port-A-Cool technology prevents moisture damage to stored goods. In manufacturing, your unit can keep a large workforce comfortable during all shifts and effectively control indoor air quality. Choose from the Jetstream 260, 270, or 280 models for large-scale applications. For avid football fans, around the stadium and along the field for the professional athletes, you will notice full-sized port-a-cools. It is an economical and functional unit to cool the area without affecting the play considerably. Like the 36” and 48” Classic Variable Speed Port-A-Cools, even older models can cool thousands of square feet.Text

Portable, Compact, Perfect

Limited space for these standing units may be a factor. Compact Port-A-Cools are designed for such applications. The Cyclone 120 and 130 models are powerful while minimally sized. Place the 120 or 130 in a three-port garage for local mechanics that make the most of their space. Or add a Cyclone to your restaurant kitchen to counteract heat waste from industrial culinary appliances. Mid-range Port-A-Cools are an intelligent business investment. Personal units, such as the newest Portacool 510, are better suited for home use. The 510 provides maximum cooling comfort in individual spaces while having the capability of its sizeable cousin. Take the 510 to your patio or home-workshop, keep pets cool on oppressive summer afternoons, or substitute the 510 for your oscillating fan so you can relax knowing that Port-A-Cool minimizes your carbon footprint.

Cooling Challenging Environments

Evaporative coolers can sustain a productive and safe environment, even in hazardous settings, quoting the phrase “extraordinary cooling for challenging environments.” The Port-A-Cool 270 is a hazardous model evaporative cooler, ETL certified for Class 1, Division2, and Groups C and D hazardous locations. Their objective is to mitigate heat stress and prevent heatstroke and dehydration in high-heat environments. Intentionally created for use around unstable substances allows users to stay cool on oil-boring, petrochemical, and fuel-based operations. Standard models of Port-A-Cools come in unobtrusive black; the Hazardous 270 stands out in alarming orange thermo-plastic. Safety is a major consideration.

Find Your Port-A-Cool at GES

Please speak with our knowledgeable sales team at GES to find the ideal Port-A-Cool system for your needs at discount prices. Stay cool, comfortable, and profitable during the upcoming season’s heatwaves with evaporative cooler technology.

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