Ridgid 774 42620 Square Drive Adapter
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Ridgid 774 42620 Square Drive Adapter

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The rugged RIDGID 774 Square Drive Adapter allows the RIDGID 700 Power Drive Pipe Threading Machine to be quickly and easily converted for use with the 258 or 258 XL Pipe Cutters. Maximizing the 700’s versatility, this 15/16-inch (24 mm) square bore adapter allows the power driver to run the 258 or 258 XL Displacement Cutters that are capable of delivering efficient, clean square cuts with minimal burrs in a variety of metals and pipe sizes, ranging from 2-1/2 inches to 8 inches (63 mm to 200 mm) with schedule 40 thickness.

When inserted into a 1AC02 Power Drive, this sturdy metal adapter can be used to turn any piece of equipment with a 15/16-inch (24 mm) driveshaft. Whether you’re working in the field or in the shop, the heavy-duty design of this square drive adapter is ideal for 700 Power Drive applications.

•  Model: 774
•  Square Drive Adapter - 15/16"

For use with the Ridgid 700 power drive.

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