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Ridgid 47755 1/8
  • SKU: Ridgid 47755

Ridgid 47755 1/8" NPT Dies New Surplus

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  • Vendor: Ridgid
  • Barcode: 0095691477552

Ridgid 47755 1/8" NPT Dies New Surplus

  • Threading size, thread length, and microfine adjustment of thread diameter can all be adjusted easily
  • 1/8 inch nominal pipe Size
  • 27 Threads per inch
  • High-Speed
  • Right Hand Thread
  • Used in Universal Die heads
  • Nos. 504A, 711, 713, 811A, 815A, 816, 817 and 842
  • Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Dies can be used in several different Die Heads from Wheeler Rex
  • Dies can be changed without removing the die head from the machine
  • Dies are crafted from tool steel
  • Marked for easy identification of the type of pipe and the sizes they are designed to cut for easy identification
  • Two-step blade provides a stable bite allowing you to remove any external coating and cut the pipe at the same time
  • Notches in the dies click into position against spring balls in the die head for easy confirmation the dies are installed correctly
  • With 27 mm-wide profiling dies, the load is reduced, which makes it easy on the motor of a threading machine

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