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2-5/8 Offset Striking Wrench- (Knocker Wrench) - Used Ready to Ship
2-5/8 Offset Striking Wrench- (Knocker Wrench) - Used Ready to Ship
  • SKU: GE&S 2-5/8 Knocker Wrench

2-5/8 Offset Striking Wrench- (Knocker Wrench) - Used Ready to Ship

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2-5/8 Striking Wrench Offset

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Striking box-end wrenches have an offset handle that allows access to fasteners in tight spaces. A block shape on one end of the handle is struck with a hammer to loosen or tighten a fastener. Wrenches are SAE (inch) size with an opposite end having an enclosed head end (box end) that fits around the entire head of the fastener for a more secure grip while turning compared to an open end. The 12-pt. design has additional grooves that make it easier to connect with the head of the fastener and connect at more angles for better accessibility compared to a 6-pt. wrench.

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