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4 Reasons Why Reconditioned Gang Boxes are the Smart Choice

            Gang boxes are the essential go-to for secure storage, whether you are in construction, a small business, or looking for that perfect one-fits-all solution. But the rising price of newly manufactured equipment can stop many buyers in their tracks. So then, what is the best alternative for getting exactly what you need without breaking the bank?

            The answer is reconditioned equipment. Reconditioned gang boxes offer a cost saving benefit for buyers that is unique to the market. Manufacturers cannot compete with reconditioned prices, so many consumers see reconditioned equipment as the economical choice. However, it is not only about saving money; investing in reconditioned equipment is a smarter way to do business.

  1. It is not just about the money, or is it…

A great business owner knows that the budget matters because it is not all about a few great deals, it is about finding the right resources to help you meet and exceed that bottom line. Purchasing a reconditioned Gang Box through General Equipment & Supply (GES) means you can save on your expenses and add to your profit margin later. GES offers a complete catalogue of reconditioned tools and equipment— including brand name gang boxes from Knaack and Jobox— to help your business grow, increase productivity, and get the job done, all without breaking the bank.

The average price of reconditioned tools is 30- 50% lower than the price listed for same items from the manufacturer. The Knack 119-01 Jobsite Station from GES is the smart option for a growing business looking to make the most of their dollar. At $1,745.00, the reconditioned Knaack gang box stands as an affordable alternative to wholesaler prices at over $3,000. When you buy used, what can you do with those savings? Put that nest egg towards your safety net, new upgrades, expanding your workforce, or the next project on your list!  


  1. If you are looking for guaranteed quality…

Buyers never need to beware the quality of reconditioned gang boxes. On top of competitive prices, GES’s reconditioned gang boxes come with an optional 1-year warranty, as well as the guarantee that our gang boxes match the performance of new manufacturer models. No matter if you prefer a Knaack, Jobox, or Standard brand, these gang boxes can withstand whatever you throw at them.

All reconditioned gang boxes have been repaired and refabricated to like-new condition. You will not be able to tell the difference between new and used. At GES, used gang boxes from Knaack, Jobox and more come reconditioned and warrantied to provide all the safety features of a brand-new unit at a better price point.

  1. What about customizing for my business…

Preconditioned Gang Boxes at GES can be customized for your business needs. Choose the color you prefer in polyester paint to match your business logos, or even a color to match the design of the room. The polyester power coating is resistant to dust, most chemicals, and durable against scratching. Preconditioned gang boxes have various color options, setting them apart from factory made gang boxes which come only in brand standard colors. Customization is the difference between having the right tools and having the right tools for your business.

Castors and other additional accessories are available for your next used gang box purchase.

  1. Is this the responsible choice…

Today, buyers and businesses alike are looking for sustainable and responsible options when it comes to outfitting their operation. Reconditioned purchases are easy on your wallet and easy on the environment without sacrificing on quality. In fact, used Gang Boxes save 80% of the material and labor needed to make the original product.

Better than recycling, GES produces the Gang Boxes you need while respecting your wallet and the environment. We are an American made business able to provide you the personal touch and personal service you are looking for with products you can trust.

Browse GES’s complete list of reconditioned gang boxes from Knaack, Jobox, and more. Contact us to find out how we can help you find the product for your next project.