Project Closeouts - Site Disposition

Simplify and Expedite Project Closeouts

Expenses do not end with your last project— transitional expenses that accrue between one build location and the next are a burden for contractors. Much like the hidden closing costs that snowball when buying a new home, transportation of equipment, tool repair, and disposal regulations can blindside builders. Even preplanned logistic expenses may need last-minute adjustments with too many variables between the initial budget and final bill.


When it comes to your business, your project toolbox is ever-expanding. There is, of course, the necessary heavy machinery delivering all the torque, but in your Knaack Boxes and on-site storage, the hand-held and portable tools have piled up. The number of wrenches, pipe-stands, benders, and power tools you own had multiplied before you knew it, and now the cost of shipping the lot of these tools costs more than their worth. Dinged up and well-worn, some tools are destined for liquidation.


Material and supplies need to be removed from the completed worksite according to the timeline, but local regulations can make waste disposal no simple task. A lack of time and transport can create recycling limitations, especially when coordinating with public waste management that works on their schedule. Fees for private waste removal companies will set you back before you’ve moved on to the next project.


Sometimes the best way to pay for much-needed repairs is to sell your non-functioning equipment and buy new ones. While some companies will purchase your used equipment wholesale, these same companies won’t include waste in the purchase— meaning you’re managing multiple companies for the clean-up, at the same time organizing your next project. And what about tools too difficult to find new? You’ll need to pay a separate company for repairs and transport.

At General Equipment & Supply (GES), we know businesses like yours value our convenient Full-Service Site Disposition Service. Work with us to accomplish most if not all your closeout requirements. Don’t waste time and pay additional fees for limited-service vendors. You may know us as the tool acquisition and reconditioning specialist of the South East—and we are that and more! GES will sweep your site. We collect:

        Tools                                               Scrap                                                      Materials                                                       Trash                                                Equipment

Rely on GES to simplify your project disposition. Liquidate items that are not practical to ship to company central storage locations and receive a full-service site disposition.  

Our President, Rob Hall, founded GES in 1986 to address the needs of the growing construction industry. We have since expanded our services to provide for many fields: construction, energy, automotive, manufacturing, and more. Today GES is your go-to source for site disposition, restoration, and

reconditioning industrial equipment and discounted sales of used and surplus tools. Our customers recommend GES for our professionalism, quality, and convenience. We use our own disposition equipment to transport and haul away excess tools, equipment, materials, and supplies at one low wholesale price, taking the responsibility of closeout entirely off your hands. Our production team will recycle, dispose, and inventory items for repair. Our model is convenient and affordable and a contributor towards the industry’s sustainable future. Liquidate with GES, not the landfill.

Not just disposition, GES offers a range of services for your next project. Please browse our catalog of reconditioned, used, and surplus tools and equipment to source the tools you need to get the job done. We offer discounts at 50% off or more from the manufacturer. GES provides reliable shipping with a tracking number on all your orders and support from our knowledgeable sales and logistics department. Are you looking to own? GES offers color and accessory customizing on many of our products to suit your business needs. Prefer rental services? We do that too. If we sell it, we rent it. Contact our rental department to create a custom rental package for your next project.

Do not be hindered by the inconvenience and closeout costs when a project comes to its end. General Equipment & Supply offers Full-Service Site Disposition to consolidate and simplify the process. Call GES today to collect surplus tools and equipment, recycle excess materials, and clear the waste. We operate independently, allowing you to avoid complex shipping and logistics coordination. Let disposition be our business so you can get back to the projects that make your business successful.