Gang boxes and storage boxes are specially constructed to give you and your workshop the gift of organization. Utilize these durable, long-lasting containers to keep all of your tools, parts, and pieces safely tucked away and everything in its own exact place. Each of our tool storage boxes is made from high-quality materials and many come from leading brands like Knaack.

No matter what kind or how many construction storage boxes you need, General Equipment & Supply has you covered. Our Knaack gang boxes come in sizes as small as 48” x 24” x 23” and as large 60” x 44” x 82.5”, meaning you’ll be able to find the ideal size for your workspace, whether it’s one small garage or an entire warehouse.

Gangboxes & Storage

Knaack 119-01 Jobsite Station Print Shack Gang Box- Reconditioned


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Knaack 89 StorageMaster Piano Style Storage, 60" x 30" x 49" Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 30 Tool Box - Used


Knaack 119-01 Jobsite Station Print Shack (w/ Casters) Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 100 Rolling Bi-fold Clam Shell Storage Cabinet with Casters, 60” x 30” x 65”...


Knaack 139 Jobmaster Steel Cabinet (59.4 Cu. Ft.) - Reconditioned


Knaack 109 JobMaster Storage Cabinet, 60 x 24 x 60 Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 69 StorageMaster Piano Style Storage, 60 x 30 x 34 Gang Box- Remanufactured


Knaack 62 War Wagon Rolling Work Bench JobBox, 62" X 32" X 26" Gang Box-...


Knaack 111 JobMaster Cabinet (60 x 24 x 60) Gang Box - Reconditioned


Knaack 118-01 Data Vault Mobile Digital Plan Station, Red - Reconditioned