Used Office Furniture Near Me: The Best Way to Buy Affordable Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture Near Me: The Best Way to Buy Affordable Office Furniture

Where do you get your work done: the office, at home, the diner booth, the library? For today’s American workforce, employees and business owners find themselves increasingly working from home. Even after pandemic restrictions have been removed, many now see and apply the benefits of remote offices. Workers quote the perks of working remotely as the ability to have a flexible schedule, time saved without a commute, a relaxed and focused atmosphere at home, and more time to spend with family. We’re likely to see remote workspaces continue into 2022 with regularity. And with this fundamental change in the way we work comes hidden expenses.

Graphic source:; Remote Work Can (And Does) Boost Employee Productivity by RC Victorino.

Don’t be fooled by write-off benefits for business expenses. Upfront costs can be the most challenging for new offices. I’m talking about the initial investment in office furniture and equipment. Outfitting your spare room or basement into a home office requires an arsenal of supplies. Desks, chairs, printers, stationary, monitors, and more. Becoming a full-time or alternating remote employee is similar to launching a new office— laying the foundation of comfort and utility can be money well spent. However, if your budget is tight, you may need to look for alternatives to set up your new workspace.

Staying connected to your main office and coworkers is paramount. A powerful Wi-Fi connection and router are just the beginning. If you’re working with a laptop, consider adding a monitor or two to expand your visual workspace. Small screens can quickly create clutter. Likewise, your desk is your primary work real-estate; spacious desks that accommodate your computer with additional space for paperwork keep you organized and focused. A small, cluttered desk often misplaces files, pens and is prone to coffee spills. If possible, keep your printer on another table or shelf. Printers are bulky and take up too much room on your desk; however, keeping your printer close enough to reach while sitting down is a great time saver. Arranging your office is only part of the battle.

You may find yourself caught up in finding the perfect office chair with both lumbar support and a cushy seat. You want a smooth swivel, casters, and maybe armrests. You’re not alone in this obsession. According to some surveys, the estimated market value for office furniture in the United States in 2020 was over 12 billion dollars. What was the most popular office furniture purchased in 2020? Seating, followed closely by modular systems, then desks and tables. Of course, you get what you pay for when it comes to office chairs. The price range for a single office chair rests between $100 to $1800. On the lower end, utilitarian office chairs are an excellent value for dorms but offer little in the way of comfort and support. For a seasoned professional, their ability to sit comfortably for long periods at work is also a matter of heath. Poor posture and unsupportive chairs are a one-way street to painful, expensive lower back injuries.

So what can you do to fit the office furniture you want into your budget? Modern digital life has provided us with a few options: Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, and eBay. Used furniture is the way of a sustainable and well-priced future. Avoid the manufacturing waste and the high cost of new furniture when buying pre-owned chairs and desks. Savvy shoppers in 2020 took advantage of an online garage and estate sales to furnish their remote offices. Unfortunately, competition on these platforms is intense, and items sell for bids higher than the listed prices. The market for used office furniture is still oversaturated with customers. This is primarily due to the influx of new remote workers within the same small window of time. Finding the pieces you need relies on luck: will a seller be listing what you’re looking for, and will you be the first and highest bid? Your dollar is guaranteed to go further with used furniture, that is… if you can close the sale.

Here is a little-known secret in the world of office furniture: General Equipment and Supply (GES) is a top, local provider for used office furniture, printers, and more. Here is why: while we may be known primarily for our construction tools and equipment, our sales team also dispossesses many office sets from temporary offices on construction sites. Office space is essential for large construction projects, allowing contractors to negotiate and discuss business on-site with major account holders. GES’s used office furniture is cleaned and repaired, much like our Greenlee benders and Knaack Boxes, purchased by new construction sites and small businesses. Looking for premium branded furniture without the high-end prices? Shop for your office furniture at more than 70% off retail prices through GES.

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