Top 3 Knaack Boxes for Construction

Top 3 Knaack Boxes for Construction

When buying the right gang box for your project site, it always comes down to functionality. After all, brands like Knaack and Jobox build all their products to give you the best productivity and protection. Their variety of products include workstations, giving you the ability to combine your computer and filing needs with tool storage or piano-lid boxes for large-item storage. Looking for a sturdy, lockable toolbox? There are smaller, portable models for that too.

We understand that the number of customizable options is both a blessing and a curse for the buyer: you can find exactly what you need for your next project if you know what you're looking for. However, buyers beware: manufacturer sites can be a mess of information and distributor links, making it difficult for you to know exactly what and where your box is coming from. Instead, shop with GES. We do the groundwork for you and offer lesser prices on reconditioned tools and equipment. Our knowledgeable production team repairs and tests all Knaack boxes. Call us the renaissance men of the construction tool business; if there is a tool you're looking for, we know all about it. Our sales team at GES can walk you through the facts and features of our inventory to help you find exactly what you need.

GES is your expert reconditioning site for Knaack Boxes. We know what our customers look for, and we've learned with Knaack Boxes are the most popular across all industries. Being in operation for 35 years, we're confident in our Top 3 most-loved and most useful Knaack Boxes on the market. Shop online at GES to see our current boxes in stock, or call our sales number to make a custom order.

The War Wagon is more than just storage. It's a take-anywhere workbench made of heavy-duty 12-gauge steel, with a 7-gauge steel top and bottom fixed by fully arc-welded seams. This Knaack workbench is easily the first on our list for its versatility and enhanced durability. With a thicker top surface, you can mount multiple vises, grinders, threaders, and more. Have a flat surface anywhere on your worksite with the portable War Wagon on casters. At full height, the War Wagon stands at 34 inches tall. Utilize the top workspace while storing your tools below. The War Wagon features a load capacity of 3,400 pounds with shelving and four separate drawers able to withstand 100 pounds each. Open your Knaack box from any side regardless of how it's place. In addition, 3 doors on the back and 3 doors on the front make accessing your gear easy in tight spaces.

Number two on our list is the print shack. Previously reviewed on our blog here, this remains a top seller on our website. The 119 is a portable office with weather protection, electrical access, and customizable storage shelves. It's a contractor's best friend when working on-site. Get the most out of Knaack's security system, including break-in resistant door seams, known in the industry as "crowbar proof." The Jobsite Station uses a deadbolt locking mechanism for premium security. See Knaack's customer testimonial's here and find out why so many contractors are grateful for their Knaack boxes. You can trust the 119 to hold your laptop and secure files while locked. The upper door is lifted by dual gas springs to lift one-handed and create a sun or rain shade while working. The ample space for storage and easy access plugs makes the 119 a multi-functional must-have.

The Storage Master is all about storage, storage, and more storage. This straightforward chest may not have the unique, integrated features of the previous two models on our list, but's its well thought and intelligent design has made it a staple in construction. The Storage Master is 35 cubit feet of classic utility. Lift the top for open storage area. These Knaack's chests are ideal for transportation. The chests come caster ready for added mobility or extend the hidden handles on either side of the chest to lift manually. All handles and locks are tucked into the face of the chest, allowing you to easily slide them into long-term storage or Connex containers without obstruction. Line them up, stack them, crane them around the construction site— the Storage Master's steel construction can withstand whatever you throw at it while still keeping whatever is inside safe.

Honorable Mentions

No doors needed! Completely open the bi-fold cabinet for quick access to dual shelving units. These shelves are ideal for holding hand-held tools and personal protective equipment for a large crew. Shelves are 14 inches deep with a lipped end to prevent items from slipping. While the 1,000-pound load capacity is a bit less than our Top 3 Boxes, the Bi-Fold Cabinet remains a functional favorite on the worksite.

A close contender with the 67 Storage Master, the 139 Jobmaster is similarly "function over feature." You'll find no-frills here, only sturdy steel shelves and a flushed-handle design to minimize space when put in long-term storage. Looking for a flash of added convenience? Push on the foot latch, and the doors will pop open.

Looking for the right Knaack Box for your business? GES sells reconditioned and refurbished Knaack, Standard, and Jobox Gang Boxes at steeply discounted prices: more than 50% off the manufacturer's listed price. Speak with our sales team directly to ask about customization and added features. Buying in bulk? Ask GES to customize your Knaack Box paint color to match your company logo! All our reconditioned tools and equipment come with a 1-year operational warranty. Call or order online— make GES your reconditioned tool and equipment resource.

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