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30 Insane Construction Fails from Contractors to DIYers

For those of us in the industry, a good construction fail compilation presses that schadenfreude button. Schadenfrued: the pleasure we get from someone else’s misfortune. Because let’s be honest, a 2x4 to the groin is painful, but it’s pretty funny when it happens to someone else. In the end, laughter fixes most of the aches and pains from a long day of work on the jobsite. We laugh, but boy do we feel sorry for the homeowners of these epic construction fails.

30. What a view!

What came first, the chimney or the window? It's a new take on that age old question. While decorative attic windows are nothing new to craftsman construction, this brick and mortar view is certainly a new one. Well, sometimes you've just got to work with what you've got!

29. So close... but yet so far!

Don't you just hate when the toilet paper roll is too close? Yeah, me neither. But someone said they wanted it this way - right? To make this work you either need 6-foot arms or a very close friend. Most likely, you'll be waddling over to this TP dispenser every time you need to use the loo.

28. Speaking of using the bathroom...

Whoever installed these signs has a sense of humor, but walk through the wrong door and I guarantee the other occupants wont be laughing one bit. I wonder which sign is the correct one... best keep walking and find another rest stop before it's too late!

27. Water vs. Electricity

Who wanted this?! If there was ever an image of what not to do, this would be it! Every OSHA compliance officer is having a field day this one. It's pretty obvious that water and electricity don't mix... unless you're into house fires. We really hope not, you pyromaniac, you!

26. Absolutely useless.

Did you forget to install a vent in your bathroom? No worries, just tack on the vent cover and no one will notice. I wouldn't pin this one on a professional. This feels more like a do-it-yourselfer.

"I have no idea what I'm doing, but I know I'm doing it really, really well..."

25. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Construction waits for no one. Rest-in-peace decorative balcony, it never saw this vent coming. Every time the homeowner looks out their window at this metal vent they are going to wish they had paid their contractor whatever extra money was needed to move that vent just a little to the left. You get what you pay for!

24. "You shall not pass!" - Gandalf

I don't know what's worse, the floating gate or the railing-less stairs? You'd think this was an ongoing project but the overgrown grass says otherwise. No one has been back here to finish what they started in quite some time! I don't know what those stairs lead to, but that gate will mildly irritate whatever thief that has to haul your flat screen around it.

23. Watch your step!

Obstacles like these are great for any aspiring American Ninja Warrior. Just be careful bringing furniture into your new apartment. Gosh forbid you have to walk up these steps after a few drinks out celebrating with friends on your birthday. Perhaps the homeowners are great admirers of space-saving design... or they have abnormally small feet.

22. Open Sesame

Someone thought this was a good idea, and I'm just not