Choosing The Right Pipe Jack

Choosing The Right Pipe Jack

Max is a contractor, and like many in his position Max is responsible for getting the right tools for the job. He knows that the best tools will help his employees to get the work done faster, easier, and safer, and that the price point of his new tools will have an impact his project’s budget. It is no surprise then that when he needed to purchase new pipe jack stands for his next project, Max quickly identified the four targets he needed to hit: capability, durability, versatility, and price. One, most importantly the jack stand must be able to perform the task at hand; two, the jack stand needs to be durable enough to be used for multiple projects in order to get the full value of his purchase; three, the jack stand must be adjustable for multiple pipe sizes; and lastly, the concern that weighs as heavily on the mind as it does the wallet: price. The jack stand must be budget approved. It may seem at first an impossible combination, but fortunately for Max there is a wide variety of jack stands for any use and price point.

At one of the lower price points, B&B brand adjustable V-head pipe jack stands are an economical choice with many safety features which make it a great option for general pipe cutting or welding tasks. Models like the B&B 4100 Adjustable Safety V Head Pipe Jack Stand are also convenient as supplemental jack stands, considering their price point and handy portability. These jack stands come in several options: collapsible leg stands and a 24” fixed leg style. While the collapsible leg version comes with a safety locking feature, the fixed leg style is lighter in weight at 20lbs and fits conveniently in most on-site gang boxes easily. The B&B 4100 fixed leg pipe jack being light means it is a great candidate for shipping, making online shopping a feasible option even when shopping for heavy equipment. But despite its light weight, this jack features a weight capacity of up to 2,500 pounds. Its operating height is adjustable between 29” to 49”, with an expanded V-head width of 8.5”. The B&B 4100 Adjustable Pipe Jack is an easy pick: its durable tube steel legs and wobble reducing T-handle lock are a great option below $100 per unit. Even better? Consider purchasing your next pipe jack stand as guaranteed reconditioned for better pricing without compromising on quality.

B&B V-Head Jack
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If the price point does not outweigh your needs for durability, B&B is a brand steeped in its reputation for fair priced, durable tools and machinery. You cannot go wrong with the B&B 4300 Adjustable Four Leg Pipe Roller. On a flat surface, the B&B 4300 Adjustable Four Leg Pipe Stand, with its iconic red paint and steel construction, is the picture of stability. The 24” x 32” four-foot base has a wide stance for added stability when working on site. Although at a marginally higher price point that the B&B 4103, the B&B 4300 Adjustable Four Leg Pipe Stand’s solid steel build with adjustable dual roller head option makes it a competitive option just over $150 per unit new, or a fraction of that price reconditioned. It's most distinguishing and productive feature is the adjustable roller head system, allowing the user to adjust the spacing between the dual roller heads for an increased range of pipe sizes up to 36”. Although this stand operates at a fixed height of 32”, this 40-pound solid and durable steel pipe stand is a sizeable upgrade from V-head stand options, pun intended.

Adjustable Dual Head Pipe Jack

It's most distinguishing and productive feature is the adjustable roller head system...

Adjustable Dual Heads

There are yet other v-head stands on the market that offer more versatile options compared to the standard, more cost-efficient models. Sumner redesigned their V- head jacks to accommodate larger pipe sizes and greater weight with the added choice of mobility on their Sumner 781403 Max Jax Kit Roller V-head Pipe Stand. With an expansion in size for the v-head alone, at 12”, this pipe jack can fit pipe up to 36” in diameter, as well lift a heavier load of 4,500 pounds maximum. Such a jump in capability is possible due to the 5-foot base of the Sumner 781403 Max Jax. The base come prefabricated for optional steel casters which allow this pipe stand to conveniently roll around the jobsite while loaded. Reduce the number of times the material load is lifted with this versatile tool, saving time and money spent on handling costs. The interchangeable head system integral to the Sumner brand brings in a level of unrivaled versatility at over $600 new. Higher end models from brands like Sumner, B&B, and more can be purchased at more accessible prices in reconditioned quality, allowing contractors like Max to buy the best tool at the best price.

But at the end of the day, what matters most...

But at the end of the day, what matters most to Max and the contractors he represents is whether these tools can get the job done. Budget, durability, and versatility mean nothing without a tools most necessary quality: capability. Will these pipe stands stand up to the test? The answer is yes. A great option to ensure the quality of your products while meeting your budget and needs is to explore your option in reconditioned tools and equipment. General Equipment and Supply (GES) offers an expansive catalogue of reconditioned tools and equipment at reduced prices with guaranteed quality, offering a 1-year operational warranty on all refurbished equipment. Great prices and assured quality means that your business can consider higher-end tool options that can increase your productivity and profit. Discover how reconditioned tools and equipment can help your business today.

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