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Miller 070654 Strain Relief Bushing - New surplus

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Miller 070654 Strain Relief Bushing - New surplus

Miller 070654 Strain Relief Bushing - New surplus

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Miller 070654 Strain Relief Bushing - New surplus


The Miller 070654 Strain Relief Bushing is a vital accessory designed specifically for use with Miller remote hand control series, including RHC-3, RHC-3-2, RHC-14, RHC-23, and RHCS-3. This bushing features a 0.3" inner diameter and a 0.55" mounting hole, making it compatible with the cables used in these remote hand control systems. Its primary function is to protect the cable from damage caused by excessive bending, twisting, or pulling at the point where it enters the remote hand control. By securely anchoring the cable and providing a smooth, rounded surface for it to flex around, the strain relief bushing minimizes stress on the cable and prevents premature wear or failure. This simple yet essential component enhances the durability and reliability of the remote hand control system, ensuring a longer service life and optimal performance in demanding welding applications.


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