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Eagle SP10-20100 String Reinforced Poly - New Surplus

Eagle SP10-20100 String Reinforced Poly - New Surplus

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Eagle SP10-20100 String Reinforced Poly - New Surplus


The Eagle SP10-20100 String Reinforced Poly is a new surplus product designed for various construction and temporary enclosure applications. This clear, non-flame retardant polyethylene film boasts a thickness of 10 mils and comes in a convenient 20' x 100' roll size. The high-strength material features a square pattern tear-resistant reinforced scrim, making it durable and reusable. Weather-resistant and able to remain flexible even in cold climates, this reinforced poly is an ideal solution for creating temporary walls, covers, and weather enclosures. It also serves as an effective containment for dust and debris, helping to maintain a cleaner work environment. The Eagle SP10-20100 String Reinforced Poly is mold and mildew resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance. By allowing sunlight to transmit through, this material can increase temporary heating efficiency while being easy to handle and install. Whether you need to contain dust, debris, or airborne particulates during construction, this versatile reinforced poly is a reliable choice for your project needs.

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