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AEMC 5600 Micro-ohmmeter - Used

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AEMC 5600 Micro-ohmmeter - Used

AEMC 5600 Micro-ohmmeter - Used

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AEMC 5600 Micro-ohmmeter - Used


The AEMC 5600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter accurately measures low resistance using a four-wire Kelvin Bridge method, eliminating test lead resistance for 0.25% accuracy. With test currents up to 10A and 1mOhm resolution, it features a reverse polarity switch for DC voltage interference compensation and a built-in AC signal filter. The LCD directly displays resistance in ohms, and the device is powered by a rechargeable NiCD battery. The AEMC 5600 automatically shuts off after four minutes of non-use and is housed in a durable, portable field case with a removable lid for testing flexibility.

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