Knaack 119-01 Field Station Review

Knaack 119-01 Field Station Review

The Knaack Field Station is more than a protective storage unit: the field station combines lockable tool shelving with secure document storage. The Knaack Field Station is a professional's favorite. Essentially functioning as "command central" on the job site, foremen, superintendents, engineers, and contractors alike have taken advantage of this versatile unit. Protect and secure what matters most, without worry whether you are on or off-site.

Prevent theft with Knaack's patented locking system, the Watchman 5 Lock System. Featuring heavy-duty vault-style hinges and a locked storage hatch, Knaack designed units are impenetrable. Stolen tools and equipment weigh on your budget and your timeline. Worse, a security breach of stolen documents, such as order receipts, blueprints, or contracts, leads to project termination. Theft and itemized theft insurance for construction sites are costly-- with Knaack's line of durable and secure Field Stations and other Knaack Box products, you can avoid burglary altogether.

The Field Station's thoughtful design incorporates durability and convenience for the user. All Knaack boxes are weatherproof; closely aligned seams between the doors and walls of the box not only prevent prying but, with added weather-stripping, seepage, rain, and moisture, are effectively barred entry. Ensure the contents of your Field Station are dry when opening in inclement weather with a built-in rain gutter. Durability is enhanced with a thicker 14-gauge steel bottom that eliminates the possibility of forklift damage during transport, arc-welded seams, and dual gas springs for smooth opening. The powder-coat paint ensures years of corrosion-free service.

Existing Knaack owners may notice that the Field Station offers custom features unique to this model. What drives such innovation at Knaack? Billy Zbylut, the VP of marketing at Knaack LLC, credits customer feedback: “The new Knaack Field Station is the result of working closely with our customers, construction professionals, to identify improvements and features that deliver more security, organization, and productivity. Our many new accessories are a Knaack first, with more options for helping skilled pros gain an edge in their daily jobs.” Productivity and organization are greatly improved with four-way skids, more storage shelves, a metal bracket light mount, multiple power pass-through grommets for delivering power of charging laptop computers, power tools, phones, and radios, or battery packs.

Take your office on the go: with the ability to add multiple outlets to your field station, you can easily work wherever and whenever. Mobility adds efficiency to your workflow. Professional contractors that oversee projects back-to-back will find that the Knaack Field Station is a compatible assistant. Even a grass-roots operation can utilize this extra-large Knaack Box. Are you a growing company looking to invest in time and money-saving multi-use equipment? The Field Station is a closet turned work-bench. Set your sawhorses alongside your Field Station and easily access stored power tools charging in the cabinet, carpentry schematics in the drawers, and hardware sitting on the shelves. Your field station can be a one-stop-shop for your growing custom carpentry business, automotive garage, or even an IT department on casters.

No matter how you see the Knaack Field Station adding value to your business, look to General Equipment & Supply (GES) for your next tool and equipment purchase. At GES, we buy, recondition, and sell tools from the brands you trust, including Knaack, Jobsite, Greenlee, Miller, Ridgid, Sumner, Harrington, and more. We offer discounts and customization not available with the manufacturer. Reap the benefits from deals 50% off or more on Knaack Boxes, including the Knaack Field Station. Your new Knaack Field Station is more sustainable than ever at GES. Reconditioned equipment restores tools to their operational standards. Save your wallet and the trees. At GES, our customers can stretch their dollar without skipping out on quality. All reconditioned equipment comes with a 1-year operational warranty.

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Knaack boxes bring security, functionality, and versatility to your worksite, especially with larger, customizable models like the Field Station. Check out our listing for the Knaack Field Station. GES is happy to help you meet your tools and equipment needs.

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