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Brady 65699 Portable Metal Lock Box - Used

Brady 65699 Portable Metal Lock Box - Used

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Brady 65699 Portable Metal Lock Box - Used


The Brady 65699 Portable Metal Lock Box is a used, heavy-duty steel container designed for secure storage and lockout/tagout applications. Measuring 6" H x 9" W x 3.5" D and weighing 4.09 lbs, this red powder-coated box offers extra rust resistance and durability. The lockable clasp and key slot allow for secure access control, even when the box is locked. The lid can accommodate up to 13 padlocks, while the interior can store up to 40 padlocks, making it suitable for both lockout and storage purposes. In lockout/tagout situations, each worker places their own lock on the box, preventing access to the keys inside, ensuring exclusive control as required by OSHA. The box is portable and can withstand temperatures ranging from -4°F to 347°F. Although not wall-mountable, the Brady 65699 is a versatile and reliable choice for various industrial safety applications.

  • Dimensions: 6" H x 8.9" W x 3.5" D
  • Weight: 4.09 lbs
  • Material: Powder-coated, heavy-duty steel
  • Color: Red
  • Service Temperature Range: -4°F to 347°F
  • Maximum Number of Padlocks on Lid: 13
  • Maximum Number of Padlocks Stored: 40
  • Lockout Box Type: Portable - Empty
  • Product Features: Lockable clasp, key slot, rust-resistant coating

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