The Versatility of the Gang Box

The Versatility of the Gang Box

In the middle of the worksite sit an imposing structure of durable steel. It is unaffected by the dust, the heat, and the rain where it sits unprotected in the elements waiting to be unlocked. It’s a gang box and the construction company’s key to successfully and safely storing essential work equipment. No construction site is complete without one. This all-in-one metal chest meets a variety of needs and functions on the field. While it may resemble in shape and color of an office cabinet, the Gang Box is designed for more rugged environments. Gang boxes can accommodate the shape and weight of jobsite power tools while keeping them protected from environment damage, and even theft. These above average storage tools are designed with protection in mind: for tools that are too unwieldy or inconvenient to tote off site, a Gang Box’s hidden lock and tidy seams can prevent even the most persistent of thieves from prying away your company’s assets. Available in a variety of models and sizes, gang boxes are a ubiquitous sight amongst construction sites.

However, Gang Boxes have a home beyond the construction site. Homeowners and small business have found amazing ways to utilize the ultimate in portable security. Gang Boxes from brands like Knaack provide security features that rival a consumer safe, while also providing greater versatility and ease of use. Knaack gang boxes use a hidden lock system called the integrated three-point locking system that is inaccessible by any pry bar when locked. Improved hinges and ball stud brackets are designed with anti-theft measures in mind; by reducing the space between the door and sidewall when shut, these gang boxes eliminate the space needed to insert a pry bar when locked. Therefore, the gang box maintains its reputation as an ideal solution for storing valuable items, whether that be heirlooms, protective firearms, computers and technology, documents, or in the more traditional sense- construction equipment.

Gang boxes are a justified expense

for construction companies and growing businesses; however, the rising price of new equipment may be a deterrent for many consumers. For buyers looking to make a more conscientious purchase, consider remanufactured gang boxes.

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General Equipment & Supply offers refurbished gang boxes in like-new condition with an optional warranty. All Knaack products are restored to original condition, with or without the label, and guaranteed to meet your standards and needs. Refurbished purchases are easy on your wallet and easy on the environment without sacrificing on quality.

When choosing the gang box that suits your needs, evaluate the size and functions you need from your gang box. Gang boxes come in a variety of designs, including low provide chests and rolling work benches, as well as tall-boy style jobsite stations. For small use, or for placement in vehicles and other space-limited situations, gang boxes also come in portable sizes, such as the Knaack 30 Jobmaster Welders Chest, a great value used from GES, measuring 12in x 30in x16in. There is a style and size for every application. You can also fit your gang box with power outlets to protect your powered items if used outdoors. Gang boxes are made from sturdy steel and coated in a polyester coating to prevent abrasion and rust outdoors, though it’s clean appearance and smooth surface also make gang boxes great for indoor use, where they are just as resistant to naturally occurring moisture and mildew in basements, as well as drier conditions caused by air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Ease of use is also catered to. On a construction site, where the largest gang boxes are often preferred, gang boxes can be fitted with crane lift kits, enabling companies to haul away their boxes without removed the locked in tools, or disassembling the box components. Knaack’s simple crane lift kits were designed to fit into preexisting gang box drills holes in order to easily haul away what was once an immovable metal unit to the next jobsite. For residential or indoor use, gang boxes can be retrofitted with casters. Quickly and safely roll your gang box from one location to the next or move it out of the way for a quick spring-cleaning session in the garage. Easy wipe down your gang box before the big move, as it’s polyester powder coating is resistant to dust, most chemicals, and durable against scratching.

Consider storage gang boxes for your future secure storage needs, whatever the job and whatever the location. Gang boxes, like the Knaack gang box line, are convenient to move and clean, as well as have a variety of styles and solutions to suit your purpose. From small chest to large cabinets with piano doors, or data vaults with interior protected outlets, or a unit on rolling casters, the durable and secure design of gang boxes makes a great choice.

Browse GES’s complete list of remanufactured gang boxes to get a better idea of which features to look for.

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