Buying a Reconditioned Welder Matters

Buying a Reconditioned Welder Matters

Recycling— everyone is doing it in 2021. When it comes to the construction industry, recycling and repurposing non-hazardous waste materials from project to project have been proven to make a significant environmental impact. Not to mention the impact it has on your wallet! Recycling has helped us remember that kernel of advice our grandfathers have passed down: "a penny saved is a penny earned." So then, when it comes to reusing, why aren't we doing the same with our tools and equipment?

The truth of the matter is construction tools take a heavy beating. It is the nature of their job. It can seem to make sense to replace your new and leased equipment with the latest model once the warranty reaches expiration. But how is this the best solution? With the cost of steel and other natural resources on the rise, new tool and equipment prices are skyrocketing. Yes, it is cliche to complain when even a carton of milk was cheaper back in the day. Still, considering that industrial equipment prices have doubled in just the past decade, red flags about sustainability in the construction industry are being raised.

So now, with a welder that has seen better days, what can you do? Is there no solution?

The answer is reconditioned. Avoid the junkyard and the landfill. Companies such as General Equipment & Supply (GES) purchase and recondition used equipment, allowing you to buy ready-to-use industrial equipment from trusted brands at a fraction of the manufacturer's cost. GES's knowledgeable production team repairs, tests, and verifies the quality of all reconditioned equipment. We're professionals, and we know our business; that's one of the many reasons we have our customers' trust. GES is the go-to supplier for reconditioned equipment in North America. We are a growing business in the South Eastern United States, focusing on providing quality, environmentally responsible, and price-competitive tools that get the job done. Are you looking for a multi-process welder? The Miller XMT 350 is a welder's favorite, but its manufacturer price tag of $4,643.00 is no small dent in your project's budget. At 50% off the retail price, GES's reconditioned Miller welders allow you to get the best tool for the job: getting the work done better and faster without breaking the bank.

Doing right by your bottom line and right by mother earth is a win-win. So why is the manufacturing industry still siphoning away other contractor's hard-earned dollars? Currently, the industry follows a wasteful pattern of take-make-waste; buying reconditioned equipment will rehab our bad habits. Once you know, you will plan your next project with a trusted reconditioning supplier like GES.

However, GES offers more than just reconditioned equipment. Visit our site to find steep discounts on surplus new items, including the Gentec 753X-125 Heavy-Duty Compressed Gas Regulator, Profax 180-3035-10 Mig Gun Welding Torch, and Phoenix 1215500 Portable Welding Oven.

Source everything you need for your next welding project, from personal protective gear to a 400lb capacity rod oven. Not only does your purchase support a homegrown business, but your generous savings gives you the flexibility you need to expand your own venture.

Be confident in your purchase with GES. We match the manufacturer in offering a 1-year operational warranty on all reconditioned tools and equipment. The combination of value and quality makes reconditioned a viable option for businesses looking to transition to a sustainable construction model. Taking advantage of reconditioned welding equipment is just good business. Literally. Professionals capitalize on used goods, whether it be saving on the initial purchase, state tax incentives, or avoiding long-term fees and interest on leasing contracts. Your choice to support businesses like GES means you support a growing recycling industry in the United States that has created over 175,000 jobs and counting.

But look, we know that you need to do what makes sense for you at the end of the day. How can we support an initiative to clean up our environment if we aren't' supporting your business? Welding professionals rely on skill and the right equipment to bend, gouge, connect, and strengthen metals. No skilled worker can be, nor should be, asked to forgo using the best tool for the job. There is no compromise when it comes to the use and safety of your equipment. But with GES's catalog of used and reconditioned equipment, you can check off all the boxes. Create a meaningful impact on the environment, not a negative one—partner with GES to bring your business into a sustainable future.

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