Reliance 3093 Skyline Beam Anchor Clamp - Used
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Reliance 3093 Skyline Beam Anchor Clamp - Used

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The Skyline Beam Clamp is an anchorage connector intended for use only for connection to I-beams with rigid flanges with thicknesses of ½-in. to 1.75-in. An anchorage is a secure means of attachment to which the personal fall arrest system is connected. Anchorage connectors are components with means specifically intended for coupling a personal fall arrest system to an overhead anchorage. The Skyline Beam Clamp provides a d-ring attachment for a single person fall arrest attachment point, or as a Skyline Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) attachment point, and a hand-knob for easy attachment. The handle must not be side-loaded, used as a fall arrest attachment point, or used as a footrest.

  • Model type: Skyline Beam Clamp
  • Part number: 3093
  • Range: 4.00" to 16.625"
  • Proof Load: 12,000 lbs in-line pull on D-ring
  • Rated capacity: 6,000-lb. (2721 kg) horizontal lifeline load, 310-lb. (141 kg) personal fall arrest anchorage
  • Range of beam sizes: I-beam flange width range 4.00-in. min. to 16-5/8-in. maximum with beam flange thickness from to .5-in. to 1.75-in.
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum, High strength steel. Zinc plated with yellow chromate

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