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Profax 17FV-25R Flex Torch Package 150 amp, 25 ft Cable New Surplus
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  • SKU: Profax 17FV-25R

Profax 17FV-25R Flex Torch Package 150 amp, 25 ft Cable New Surplus

$79.00 $110.00

Rubber Cable 17 Series Air Cooled Flexible TIG Torch Body With Valve, 150 amp, 25 ft Cable

TIG torches feature a resilient, high-temperature silicone rubber insulation that prevents leakage of high-frequency voltage, a common occurrence of phenolic insulation. They have earned the respect of the most demanding industries around the world in meeting their welding torch needs day in and day out. Eliminate the complexity of using a water cooled system. These air-cooled torches are a cost-effective alternative that work well for field applications. The ribbed handle and Diamond Grip™ head torch design has ergonomic contact points for thumb and fingers and provides cool operation and maximum operator comfort while reducing downtime caused by operator fatigue. And, the compact and durable design is ideal for both the professional and hobbyist welder


  • Includes torch body, gas control valve, flexible handle, power cable and long back cap


Profax® 17FV-25R Flexible TIG Torch Body With Valve, 17 Series, Amperage Capacity: 150 amp, Gun Angle: 70 deg, 7-3/4 Inch Length, Handle Diameter: 7/8 Inch, Number Of Cables: 1, Cable Length: 25 ft, Cooling Type: Air Cooled, Rubber Cable

Technical Details

Amperage Capacity
150 amp
Cable Length
25 ft
Cooling Type
Air Cooled
7-3/4 Inch Length
Gun Angle
70 deg
Handle Diameter
7/8 Inch
Rubber Cable
Number Of Cables
17 Series


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