Guardian 11520 4-in-1 Lanyard, Box of 6
Guardian 11520 4-in-1 Lanyard, Box of 6
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Guardian 11520 4-in-1 Lanyard, Box of 6

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The Guardian Fall Protection 4 in 1 Lanyard is designed to provide workers with maximum protection and multi-functionality. Falls frequently occur on job sites when workers must decide between climbing down to access the equipment needed to do the job safely, or improvising with the equipment on hand. This versatile lanyard is designed to make such a decision a thing of the past. It allows for a retractable to be connected without needing to attach two snap hooks to a single D-ring. It’s “Y” configuration allows workers to maintain 100% tie-off at all times. And, with its 5,000 lb. rated D-ring extender, triple-locking tie-back leg, and 12,000 lb. rated webbing, it can be used in nearly any application.

• Allows for connection of retractable without attaching two snap hooks to a single D-ring
• "Y" configuration gives you the ability to tie-off 100% of the time
• 5K rated Triple-Lock Tie-Back
• D-Ring Extender
• Red Leg is adjustable and can be used as tie-back lanyard
• Applicable Standards: ANSI Z359.13-13, ANSI A10.32-12, OSHA 1926 Subpart M, OSHA 1910
• Worker Capacity Range: 130-420 lbs.