Staying Ahead of the Seasons with GES

Staying Ahead of the Seasons with GES

Take a trip to any major retailer: Walmart, Target, Costco: and you will notice backpacks and pencil cases are repopulating the shelves once again. School supplies seem to herald the return of the school year. It is a reminder that the summer and its good weather will soon come to an end. As July ends and August comes into the picture, we enter a seasonal limbo: not quite summer, not entirely fall. The perfect time to prepare for cooler weather.

As a contractor, take advantage of the lull before cooler weather to restock your supply of worksite heaters. It is good practice to prepare ahead of the season to avoid inflated prices. When the temperatures fall, limited stock and customer overdemand can make preparing for cold weather exceedingly tricky. Of course, for some, thinking about keeping warm while you’re busy trying to stay cool during these summer heatwaves seems incompatible, like Christmas in July. However, think instead about shopping for Christmas presents on the eve before the big day. Chances are, the gifts you were looking for are already taken, and you’re left checking out your overpriced purchases with an irritated cashier that just wants to be home for the holiday already. Avoid the hassle and plan to buy ahead.


1. Evaluate Your Current Inventory

It’s all well and good to say you have 10 heaters in a Connex box outback, but you’ll want to make sure they are functioning correctly after a season of sitting in storage. Sending unchecked machines out to the worksite only to find out they aren’t heating is the worst. You’ve paid for the transportation cost, and your employees are cold. Just like the summer heat, wintery cold temperatures hold back productivity.

2. Make the Necessary Repairs

Sending your equipment for repairs ahead of time means you have more flexibility in your schedule. Give yourself time for your equipment to be repaired properly. Don’t stress over deadlines. On the other hand, addressing your repair needs too late can create delays for your upcoming projects. You may also be stuck buying another heater before yours can get repaired, eating into your overall budget.

3. Buy Replacements as Needed

Sometimes a heater just has to go. You may have forgotten about that one temperamental heater when you put it in storage at the end of the season, but it’s back. Instead of repairing a faulty heater, sometimes it can be worth the expense to get a newer and upgraded version. Newer heaters consistently outperform older heaters. New energy-efficient models could also help you save on utility expenses. Budget for new heaters now so you don’t need to spend additional later.


How can General Equipment and Supply (GES) help you with this process? We are your one-stop-shop for repairs, dispossession, and new orders. We work with industry professionals to outfit their teams and workspaces with the best tools for the best prices.


  1. Rely on the GES repair team to bring your best tools back to life. We understand that some equipment just isn’t replaceable. You won’t need to send your branded tools to several retailers for specialized repair. The GES production team is fluent in tool repair and maintenance for all major brands. Ask about our previous projects: power tools, machines, metal fabrication, paint, and more. We’ve even converted Connex boxes to functional office spaces!
  2. Looking to clean house? Take advantage of GES’s disposition services. Contact our outside sales agents to coordinate. GES clears entire sites and storage units: tools, recycling, materials, furniture, and trash. Pay for one service only: we bring our own equipment.
  3. Shop online, through our sales team, or in person at one of our retail warehouses for new tools and equipment. Our tools are tested and optimized by the GES production team. Browse through our inventory of reconditioned, used, and new-surplus tools.
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