Bring in the Power: Portable Power Solutions for Your Business

Bring in the Power: Portable Power Solutions for Your Business

It's reported that the United States' electric energy use has increased thirteen times the amount since the 1950s. The fact seems hardly surprising since the US is the second-largest electric consumer following China. We average more than 3.9 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) used every year. Such a large number is difficult to illustrate. With that much wattage, the United States alone could fully charge over 15 million Tesla Model 3's or power the Eiffel Tower lights nightly for more than 1,300 decades. The idea is, of course, ridiculous; our energy needs have not increased without reason. The average American business is wholly dependent on electric power, from the palm-sized smartphone to the mammoth that is the modern manufacturing industry. To the benefit of all our electrical purposes, technology has evolved to make access to our most in-demand utility ever more convenient.

Perhaps, we are all waiting for Iron Man's arc-reactor suits to make their real-world debut in a Harbor Freight near you, but until then, portability is the name of the game. When it comes to the construction industry, location has long determined the feasibility of any site. If your machines cannot get there, forget about it! Today, compact and ergonomic sized equipment is designed to output the same muscle as their larger, unwieldy predecessors. Such versatility has enabled companies to bring light to a dark work zone with the Allmand Maxi-Lite II or wheel a steady stream of cooled air into an overheated warehouse with the Port-a-Cool 48" Evaporative Cooler. Modern machines can go where no machine had gone before, as Neil Armstrong took to the moon.

But tools without mentioning their power source are only half the story. Despite the advent of cordless equipment, chargeable battery-operated tools have one severe limitation: consistency. As charge lessens, cordless tools' power output diminishes, making low-charge modes ineffective and at times detrimental. On the other hand, corded equipment can maintain optimal functionality when connected to a reliable power source throughout the product's lifetime, and proper maintenance is observed.

Choose Southwire power distribution boxes to maximize amperage output. Power distribution boxes are a common sight at any build, although not exclusive to the construction industry. The utilitarian nature of distribution boxes makes them a favorite among many professions, the key reasons being amplification, safety, and applicability. The essential use of these boxes is to extend your initial outlet source for power equipment closer to their location of use. Like cordless, corded faces a similar limitation. Lengthy power cords water down the amperage received. In contrast, a Southwire X-Treme Spider Box can replicate the charge from the starting outlet to its multiple high-amp applicable ports. The constant and secure amplification allows operators to power numerous tools simultaneously with no interference.

The Southwire Spider Box line features a premium breaker system for added value in safety. For operations that exceed the voltage capability of your model, the Southwire breaker system immediately cuts power to prevent damage to your attached equipment. As well, the breaker averts any damage to the unit itself. Integral fail-safes and material options make your Southwire box your durable go-to. 16-gauge carbon steel, a leg crossbar, and spring-loaded flip-covers on all inlets and outlets— these thoughtful features keep your box working no matter the wear and tear. Southwire is iconic for its rigorous standard of design.

Safely power your welders, benders, and punching tools from one source, with multiple outlets and inlets applicable for varied prong styles. Southwire brand electric equipment is OSHA compliant. The Spider Box receives 125/250V, powering 6 single outlets with dedicated GFCI modules and breakers. You also have the option connect to a second Southwire Spider Box with a daisy chain cable for increased capacity without tripping the same circuit. Remember: always be sure to check your voltage requirements before connecting to live electricity; use a compatible adapter as needed.

Bring the amperage where you need it with the Southwire X-Treme Spider Box! It's easy to meet all your tool and equipment needs with General Equipment & Supply (GES). GES offers a selection of reconditioned equipment at steep discounts from the most trusted brands: Greenlee, Miller, Southwire, Ridgid, Sumner, Knaack, and more! Find your next tool for 50% or more off distributor price; avoid the environmental waste of new manufacturing and the hefty fees behind a new lease when you buy reconditioned. All reconditioned tools and equipment at GES come with a 1-year operational warranty. Make GES your one-stop shop for all your industrial equipment needs.

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