Reconditioned welders can save you lots of money, especially those that have been remanufactured to factory specification. Don’t settle for low quality when you could instead utilize the premium lineup of used, refurbished and remanufactured welding tools available at General Equipment & Supply. Better yet, this durable welding equipment won’t break the bank and comes from leading, reliable brands like Miller, Victor, and others.


Miller XMT 350 CC/CV Welder Multiprocess Welder, Reconditioned


Miller Mark VIII-2 8 Pack Multi Operator Cc/Dc Welder 901348, Reconditioned


Miller Big Blue 400 D - Pro Diesel Welder, Reconditioned


Miller XMT 304 CC/CV Multi-process Welder - Reconditioned


Miller 12VS X-Treme Portable SuitCase Mig Wire Feeder



Victor SR450D-580 Heavy Duty/High Capacity Inert Gas Single Stage Regulator - New Surplus


Gentec 753X-125 Heavy Duty Compressed Oxygen Gas Regulator - New Surplus


Phoenix 1200200 Bench Type 300 Electrode Rod Oven 120/240 - Reconditioned


4/0 AWG Welding Lead with Ends- Reconditioned


Keen KT-50 Portable Welding Rod Oven - Used


Sumner 781520 UQC2-6 Ultra Qwik Clamp for 2" to 6" Pipe - Reconditioned


Phoenix 1215500 DryRod II 10 lb Portable Welding Oven - Used


Welding takes skill, precision, and patience. It also takes the right welding equipment. Today, welders of all industries can bend, gouge, connect, and strengthen steel and various other metals with a modern arsenal of welding rigs. Modern industry relies on skilled welders: construction, manufacturing, architecture, oil rigs, motorsports-- behind every length of sheet metal, amid a network of pipes, or suspended by a steel beam-- there is a welder. Yet, as essential as welding machines are, they are also a considerable expense for any professional or business. Reconditioned welding equipment is the answer you're looking for when it comes to finding the right welding machine at a price that won't sink your bottom line. Used or reconditioned welders and welding tools ranges from 30% to 70% off distributor new price without sacrificing usability or operable quality. When the manufacturer only offers a one-year warranty on new equipment, you can trust in the one-year warranty on reconditioned items from a company like General Equipment & Supply (GES), an American company based in the S.E. United States. Choosing a reconditioned welder instead, like the Miller 12VS X-Treme Portable Suitcase MIG Welder or the Nelson 2500 series welder, supports local businesses and a sustainable initiative. But most importantly, reconditioned welders match quality with savings. Avoid the fees of welder leases and rentals by investing in reconditioned welders for your business. Put your welding savings towards your nest egg, your safety net, or future purchases for your next project with GES. Are you looking to buy or rent a used welding machine? GES offers a variety of reconditioned and used welders from leading manufacturers like Miller, Nelson, and Lincoln electric. Be confident in your equipment purchase, from portable reconditioned MIG welders to reconditioned multi-process Miller welders; all reconditioned GES equipment come with a one-year warranty. We matched the manufacturer's warranty but not the manufacturer's prices. Our welders will let you tackle any stick, MIG, TIG, or Arc Welding job.