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Supernatural Savings on Your Favorite Brands

Looking for supernatural savings, this October? Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or savvy handyman, General Equipment and Supply (GE&S) has the tools and equipment you need at the prices you want. Shop our catalogue of new surplus, used, and reconditioned tools and equipment from the brands you trust.

Defining “Reconditioned” Tools for Sale:

Reconditioned items are previously used items that have been restored to specification and inspected for quality by our trained, knowledgeable production team.

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What’s the valued added with reconditioned tools and equipment?

It’s a subject we often talk about at General Equipment & Supply (GE&S); it’s the foundation of our business: reconditioned equipment offers a better value compared to new manufacturing. Buying recondition, used, or surplus at GE&S means that our customers are investing in quality tools and equipment, with a competitive 1-year warranty, without waitlist or pre-order delays. Especially today in this post-pandemic shipping lull, contractors and professionals are extending their timelines at their own expense waiting for orders and repairs. Whether it’s in one of our laydown yards or getting repairs in the workshop, At GE&S we are stocked in everything you are looking for. We have the best tool for the job, or we know where to find it.

Reconditioned tools are repaired to complete functional quality, meaning your next tool purchase at GE&S is ready to go to work wherever your next jobsite is. The knowledgeable production team at GE&S restores brand-name equipment: Knaack, Greenlee, Ridgid, Miller, Hytorc, and more. Reconditioned equipment undergoes several stages of repair before our production lead approves items for resale.

Steps to Reconditioned Quality:

Initial Inspection: All items marked for reconditioning upon arrival at one of our warehouses in South Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana undergoes a thorough inspection. Our production team members are tool veterans with experience to identify

Metal Fabrication: Plastic deformations are repaired to maintain structural integrity. Skilled welders and metal fabricators restore structural and cosmetic damage prior to paint and customization.

Paint: Reconditioned tools and equipment are sanded, prepped, and painted in original brand colors. For bulk orders, our fabrication shop will also customize equipment colors on applicable items, like Knaack Boxes, to match your business colors. Ask your GE&S sales agent about color options, castors, and crane lift kits. Customization limited to type of purchase and order volume.

Quality Inspection: The GE&S production lead carefully and knowledgeably conducts a quality inspection on all finished goods.

Speak to our Sales Team:

Speak to our sales team today, your go-to resource for pricing and equipment knowledge. Let us help you find what you need at a competitive price. Our warehouses are located across the South East coast of the United States, as well as the Gulf Coast as we expand further west. GE&S agents provide unparalleled industry service.

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